Tooth Extractions in Encinitas

Before Tooth Extraction

There are a number of reasons why you may need to get a tooth or teeth pulled.

  • The tooth is decayed and the damage is too severe for a root canal
  • Tooth is broken into the gum
  • If you plan on orthodontics, there may be teeth in some cases that need to be pulled
  • If you have a disease, such as gum disease
  • If you are receiving treatment that compromises your immune system

Pulling teeth is no simple feat. Depending on the cause of why the tooth needs to be pulled, Dr. Snow may have to break the tooth into increments to extract. Other times the tooth can be pulled without having to break it.

Before undergoing tooth extraction, local anesthetic (Sedation Dentistry) is applied that puts you in a conscious sedated state where you can still communicate with gestures, but you won’t remember any of the operation.

After Tooth Extraction

After a tooth is extracted recovery will generally take around a week. Taking pain medication is recommended to ease the discomfort you will have. There will be other methods to take the pain and swelling down that Dr. Snow will explain in further detail before and after the procedure occurs.

If there are any signs of infection or irregular healing such as: vomiting, nausea, discharge from the pocket, shortness of breath, or any other signs not pointing to the affected area. Call Dr. Snow and he will be able to assess and determine a solution if you are experiencing any of these signs.

The tooth with be extracted with a gap left in your smile. The bone will grow as well as the gum tissue into the gap. This gap can cause the surrounding teeth to shift and create other gaps while misaligning your teeth. There are options to stop your teeth from shifting such as:

Wisdom Tooth Removal

One of the most common tooth extraction procedures are Wisdom tooth removal. This procedure is performed, as every tooth extraction is, with different practices depending on tooth development and placement. Usually the teeth are first broken into pieces then removed making for a faster and less painful tooth removal. After a tooth has been extracted, the bone in the area the tooth was will deteriorate causing bone loss. This can be prevented with bone grafting. The bone lining the extraction hole is specifically used by the body for teeth and can be preserved to allow for an implant after the healing process is complete.

If you need a tooth extracted and have questions, call and make an appointment with Dr. Snow at Pacific Dental Center.