Dentures Encinitas


Complete Dentures

Dentures are a great way to replace missing teeth with a removable fixture or permanently fixed dentures. A removable denture can be customized to look exactly like your smile, and is used by suction to the roof of the mouth. This suction is simple and makes your upper dentures removable at any time. The lower dentures do not use suction but are placed around the gums for a snug, lifelike fit. The benefits of removable dentures are that they give you back your smile as well as being custom made for a comfortable fit.

The other option for complete dentures are a permanent fix. The dentures are anchored by dental implants that can either snap in or be fixed directly to the implants for a permanent smile. Using dental implants, permanently fixes the dentures to your gum line so no shifting or falling out can ever occur. Cleaning your dentures is the same process as if you were performing regular oral hygiene without ever having dentures.

Partial Dentures And Bridges

Partial dentures and bridges are a great solution to those who have one or more teeth along the top or bottom of their gums. Partial dentures and bridges fill the space or gap in your smile while also not allowing other teeth to shift and move position. Partial dentures can be almost the entire row of teeth where a dental bridge is generally where one or two teeth are missing.

Partials vs. Bridges


  • Removable
  • Placed between remaining teeth with hooks
  • Made with rigid acrylic
  • Less expensive


  • Fixed – Permanent
  • Affixed to neighboring teeth
  • Made of porcelain
  • More expensive

Partials can be noticeable depending on the placement, and are just made with more material. Bridges are a permanent solution to missing teeth that are made to look identical to neighboring teeth and have a much lower profile (usually not noticeable).

To determine if partials, bridges, or complete dentures are best for you, schedule a dentist appointment with Dr. Snow at Pacific Dental Center in Encinitas. We want you to have a smile you can be confident with and proud of!

By regularly brushing and flossing your teeth at home, dental exams become a much quicker process that happens twice a year making your dental visits, pleasant trips. Dental care is not to be taken lightly as the prevention of bad oral health is general dentistry. Simply brushing and flossing with regular dental visits helps avoid cavities, jaw issues, and other oral problems that may develop.

Oral Hygiene Maintenance

General dentistry keeps you away from the dentist. With regular check-ups at Pacific Dental Center we will take care of your teeth by cleaning, polishing, and small treatments if needed.

Dental Services

When coming in for a regular teeth cleaning, depending on your oral health, these are periodic treatments that will ensure a healthy smile:

  • Dental Cleanings
  • Flouride Treatment
  • Ceramic Fillings
  • Gum Care
  • Sealants

Fluoride Treatment

The fluoride treatment desensitizes exposed root surfaces. A gel is placed on the exposed root to relive hypersensitive pain. The treatment last 4-6 hours and the hardened gel can easily be removed by brushing and flossing. After the gel is removed, eating a soft food diet and staying clear of hot and alcoholic products is recommended. Flouride treatments harden the enamel of the tooth slowing the negative effects of plaque as well as tooth decay.


While fluoride treatment protects and hardens all surfaces of your teeth, the back molars need extra protection. On the chewing surface of your molars (occlusal) there are grooves that can be deep and difficult to clean. Plaque can accumulate in these grooves to develop cavities and speed the process of tooth decay. By sealing the chewing surface of your back molars, we can prevent tooth decay and cavities from taking place for a healthier smile. It is very important to practice good oral hygiene. Enjoying your favorite foods and having a smile to be proud of can be hard with factors like cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay. Regular dental exams prevent these dental health problems and allow you to enjoy what you eat without any pain. At Pacific Dental Center we know some patients have a dental fear, but not to worry! We have dental sedation options that will make your visit to the dentist an easy, stress free visit. Make sure you get your general dentistry visits in twice a year and schedule an appointment today with Pacific Dental Center.