It can often be the first thing that people notice about us, or it might be that we want our smiles to say something about us and leave a good first impression. With cosmetic dentistry on the rise and a variety of different procedures and treatments available it’s no wonder people are taking their dental care into their own hands. One of the most popular treatments is teeth whitening.

According to a 2015 study ran by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, crowns and bridgework, bonding, veneers, and whitening continue to be among the top procedures offered by dentists. Teeth whitening, sometimes referred to a teeth bleaching, has improved in its methodology and has become a simple procedure. Indulge a little and go schedule a consultation. Besides having a better smile there are a few other benefits that go along with teeth whitening treatments.

Think about the last time you smiled, in most cases you’ll think back to a fun event, or laughs with friends, or maybe it is something as simple as thinking about a loved one. Now ask yourself this question, did you show your teeth? The American Dental Association ran a study that found that teeth outranked eyes, hair and body as the most important physical feature. We’re not trying to get personal, but there are people out there who suffer from a dim or stained smile and for them, a smile is not something easily given. Getting a professional teeth whitening brings back a smile. In turn, it boosts your self-esteem and gives you more confidence to flash those radiant teeth. The only thing you should be worried about when giving an open mouth smile is whether or not you have spinach in your teeth.

In the previously mentioned 2015 study, in a series of questions asking cosmetic dentistry patients what was most important to them on a scale of 1-5 with a 5 meaning great importance. Appearance was the number 1 most important thing with cost being number 2. The great thing about teeth whitening or teeth bleaching treatments is that they are very affordable and the benefits help take provide an enhanced value for these elective treatments.

While teeth whitening may not commonly be known as an anti-aging treatment it really should be. Think about it this way, we just explained that some people aren’t comfortable because of their teeth. An open smile shifts the focal point of the face. It reduces the focus on things like wrinkles and blemishes increasing your overall physical appearance.

Another great benefit of teeth whitening is how noninvasive it is. Sure, there might be trays or having to keep your mouth open for laser light treatments, but in terms of cosmetic dentistry procedures teeth whitening is very easy and despite a rumor out there does not harm the teeth.

The benefits and advantages of teeth whitening are many and they aren’t even all outlined here. To learn more about teeth whitening or teeth bleaching, or perhaps another cosmetic dentistry procedure, schedule your appointment with Dr. Snow at his Dentist Office in EncinitasDr. Snow has been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry since 1994.