There has always been much emphasis on physical appearance. Magazines, print ads, TV shows, Hollywood, and the fashion industry are all purveyors of beauty, notwithstanding the artificiality of this commercial demand. Yet, there is more to beauty than simply being the symbol of success on the mainstream stage.

Beauty can also mean practicing a healthy lifestyle, including good oral hygiene and habits. Good oral health is manifested in a person’s perfect smile, which exudes positivity and wellness. Despite a person’s beauty, if he or she doesn’t have a perfect smile, especially if he or she has missing teeth, it usually means that oral hygiene has been neglected. A good solution to this is to get dental implants in Encinitas from trusted local dentists.
Missing teeth can embarrass or lower the confidence level of a person. Beyond aesthetics, this may also mean signs of a dental disease present or developing. Dental implants are a good replacement for missing teeth because they come with a number of benefits.


Dental implants result in a more natural appearance for your tooth replacement, since it prevents bone resorption, which causes the lower area of the face to collapse. With advanced dental implants from Encinitas dentists, like Dr. James Snow of Pacific Dental Center, you’ll be getting a confident smile to boost your self-esteem.


Compared with the other methods of restoring missing teeth, dental implants do not interfere with the normal routine of flossing, brushing, and other teeth cleaning procedures. This means good oral hygiene can be maintained, leading to success in overall health.


With dental implants, your normal life can be restored. Speech will improve, as well as overall comfort in eating or chewing. Compared to dentures, you don’t have to worry about teeth that may slip or eating food that may cause pain. Moreover, implants can last for many years and, if maintained properly, may last a lifetime.

Missing teeth isn’t all about one’s physical appearance. Other problems, from speech defects to dietary changes, can develop. Even bone loss and premature aging can occur due to the possibility of shrinking gums and jaw. Choosing implants can help prevent the worst and lead you to a better life and a healthier smile.